You Aren’t Alone

Sacred Stones

Sacred Stones

Have you even been in a situation where you’re surrounded by people and yet still feel alone? Or maybe you’re talking with a friend but you sense that they don’t really know who you are? And maybe, you feel disconnected to yourself….not sure of what you want or who you are anymore.

And probably the most important question of all: when was the last time you connected to the earth, the plants, trees, animals, the sun and the moon?

We live our lives in busyness. Running from one task to another and always behind. In my coaching work I hear more and more people complaining of stress and anxiety. And it isn’t just adults either. Kids and young adults are constantly pushing themselves to do more and do better.

All of this leads us to disconnecting to ourselves, our family, friends and the planet.


Wild Ginger

But…..did you know that you’re never alone?

We are all made of the same matter and energy as everything else in our world. We just vibrate at different rates creating a sense of separateness. If we were to “tune” in to the vibrations around us we’d realize that at any moment, we are one with all that surrounds us.

And we have connections to every animal, person, plant, tree……every form of life.

It just takes opening up to this connection by our willingness to bypass the critical logical mind and remembering who we are.


Ancestors in the stone

When you learn to remember, you’ll find your never alone. We have our Higher Self…..the part of us that is connected to Spirit. The Higher Self does it’s best to guide us, only to have us refuse to listen.

We have our ancestors, from this life and others. They often have a hand in many of our life decisions.

We have guides from the Elementals (the “rulers” of the element kingdoms), the Devas that give structure to the plant world, power animals to assist us whenever needed and beings from the “angelic” realm.

Stone Guardian

Stone guardian

All available to us when needed……if only we remember!

And, if we let down the blinders on our eyes to see the energy of others, we would be aware of how often we exchange energy and breathe each other’s breath.

We are never alone! There is a world of energy available to us every movement. If we just remember.

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