The Regal Heron

It’s very common for people who are interested in totems to search Goggle or go to different books and look up the meanings of them. And you learn some great information. But…..often times the meaning of the totem is one that is not necessarily a generalized one.

For instance, lately when I’ve been walking the dog along the marinas, I’ve seen more Herons than normal. Now I see Blue Herons all the time but these particular ones are fishing. And I see them catch the fish.

There is one who usually hides behind a small boat and at the opportune moment spears the fish. It’s interesting to watch him, as he is very focused. First, he stands perfectly still…never moves. Then, when he sees his prey, he very very carefully and slowly moves one leg and then other to get closer. And almost so fast you don’t see it, he spears the fish. What amazes me is how still, focused and patient he is while waiting.

A day or two after watching that Blue Heron, I was writing at my desk when I heard a ruckus outside….sounded like dinosaurs fighting! (At least what I imagined they would have sounded like) There was a Blue Heron with a fish and 3 gulls trying to get it from him. He was not about to let them and even with the fish between his bills, managed to make a lot of noise about it. Before living at the beach, I had no idea at just how noisy Herons can be and what bullies gulls are at times!

Blue Heron Medicine typically means the ability to be a Renaissance man or woman. They follow their own path, which is unstructured. Not everyone is comfortable living this way as they perceive it as being without stability or security and yet it actually has it’s own security. Heron Medicine indicates that if one approach isn’t working then try another.

As I carry much Heron Medicine, I was familiar with all these attributes. This seemed different though. Maybe because they were getting my attention….even to the point that one of them was screeching at me to notice him.

So what does it mean?

When trying to analyze the meaning of a totem or message from the universe, one trick is to notice what specifically captured your attention.

Two things stand out in the experience for me. The first Heron showed massive patience, focus and goal orientation. That’s a pretty good lesson. Regardless of how much we vibrate to a specific feeling or desire we must put in the physical work and focus on our desire.

The second Heron’s “work or reward” was jeopardized by the gulls. This to me was a clear message that is common to the witnessing of smaller birds attacking a larger bird. To many aboriginals, this is a sign that someone is or may make an attempt to jeopardize or basically “make small” of something you’re doing.

Both of these messages made perfect sense to me. I am in the process of refocusing my business on a path that I’ve wanted to travel for years. For years I have longed to create a full-on Mystery School that blended the ancient wisdom with the modern magic.  I just recently set up the first of the certification workshops for this goal.

Before, I did not feel it was the right time. And I know that some people may not see the beauty or the “Spirit” drive behind it.

To me, Blue Heron was signaling me to keep my focus……to be patient….and to follow Spirit about the project.

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