Snake Totem

The snake has got to be one of the most misunderstood and feared animals. Many who realize they have a snake totem wish they could exchange it for something more appealing.

Snake has had a bad rep since the Garden of Eden. Supposedly Satan, in the form of a snake beguiled Eve into eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Lots of theories on this one!

It’s even been suggested that our fear of snakes is in our human DNA.

But, in many cultures, the snake is seen as a symbol of transformation, death and rebirth and healing. We see the healing symbology today in the caduceus symbol of medicine and doctors.

The snake is also associated with sexuality, the kundalini and the tantric arts. And in the shamanic societies, it’s believed the snake can move between the realities of the living and the dead.

Years ago I worked with an exotic animal trainer and we worked with the big snakes. At first, like most people, I wasn’t too sure about the snakes until I had worked with them awhile. Later on in my life I did the shamanic dancing with boas. These snakes will invariably end up with their head at the throat chakra or the heart!  

To have a snake totem show up in your life usually implies change is coming. That change might be healing or a shift in your career, love life or home. As snake move quickly, so will the change take place.

It can also be a message to get more creative. To shed the old and make way for the new.

I just recently heard an amazing story about a boa constrictor that is a “pet” of some friends of mine. They’ve had this snake a long time and it’s very attached to the family. It’s kept in a large aquarium and gets to go in the bathtub frequently.

Recently, the snake began to appear sick. Taking it to the vet, he asked the couple had “she”…..the snake been around any male snakes. They were very surprised to hear the word “she” as they had been told the snake was a male.

But no, the snake stayed in their house and had never been around another snake. The vet then asked if they talked to the snake? Yes, the woman said she talked to all their animals, telling them of their dreams and goals and how they wanted their life to be.

Next the vet asked if she was trying to have a baby? Sure enough, the couple wanted to have a child.

He then explained that the snake had developed eggs to help her with having a baby!

Is this not amazing? To be so connected and loved by this creature that it would, on its own, manifest eggs to assist you in having a child?

Are snakes evil? I don’t think so. This was an act of pure love!

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