Journey of the Healer™

From time to time, I plan on posting pieces of interest about the upcoming workshop, Journey of the Spirit Healer™, taking place in Sedona. These will be about experiences, people, techniques and places we’ll visit. Hope you enjoy them and get the feel of the magical land of: Sedona

For many, even the name Sedona conjures up mystical concepts and ideas. The entire area is called a power spot or energy grid. Many myths and legends abound as well as arguments over the scientific basis for any of it.

A few years ago, I traveled from Phoenix to Sedona to recharge myself and get some much needed meditation time after presenting a weeklong training. Visiting the vortices was top priority.

As I climbed the path leading to the upper reaches of Boynton Canyon I began to feel the energy of this most sacred vortex.

According to legend, Boynton Canyon is the sacred home of the Yavapai “Great Mother”, their creative force. Even today, the Native Americans make annual pilgrimages to this area to perform sacred ceremonies.

I have often wondered if Kachina Woman, who guards the entrance to the canyon, is the earthly homage to the Great Mother. It seems fitting, as certain times of the year when the moon is full; it will rise and appear to sit in the basket on her head.

Reaching a ledge where I could sit comfortably and meditate, I leaned back and allowed the energy of the vortex to swirl around me. As I watched the valley below, energy lines began to appear and then gradually the entire valley changed. I heard the sound of drums and saw a line of people entering the canyon. Not people of today….but another time. The entire valley shimmered in luminous light with arcing bolts shooting to the sky.

A dream? A hallucination? I don’t think so. Many times I’ve witnessed what I refer to as the  “matrix” of energy (taken from the movie The Matrix). And seeing this at the vortices of Sedona is not unusual.

During the Journey of the Healer™ workshop in Sedona this October, we work on the journey traveler learning how to awaken their own natural ability to see, to sense and to feel different energies. Most, by the end of the week, can see the auras of people, plants and animals. And many….to see the incredible colors of the luminous energy field of living things. Some will even begin to see the “field” or the “matrix” as well.

Sedona is a land of mystery and magic. The energy of the vortices….then remnants of ancient ceremonies and rituals….all lend themselves to the immersion in the teachings and techniques of the ancient healers and shaman.

If the energy of the ancient teachings and Sedona calls to you, go to:

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