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Death-Eater……….Black Vulture Totem


Vultures! Even the name conjures up squeamishness in some people. For some, the vulture seems gross and others associate it with death. But, in ancient and indigenous cultures it’s just the opposite!

I too misunderstood the vulture until visiting a nature preserve and was surrounded by about 20 Black Vultures. At first I was nervous, […]


The Blessings of Reiki

Pets do more than just love us.

Having been around animals all my life, I can understand why more and more people are becoming pet owners. We love our pets! We spend thousands of dollars on their food, upkeep, toys, health and for some, clothes.

And with good reason. Pets provide a myriad of benefits […]


The Fragrant Skunk

Baby skunk

A while back I wrote of the misunderstood totem the Snake. There’s another one that is often misaligned and yet has much to teach us. And that’s the Skunk! Who hasn’t recognized that pungent odor when something has gotten this critter riled up? Did you know that man can recognize the smell of a skunk for up to two miles depending on the wind? This is one strong totem showing up in our lives. Most of us will go out of way to avoid having any contact with a skunk. The animal doesn’t even have to do anything….we will just give it a wide berth. And this is what skunk has to teach us. The skunk demands respect by its very nature. It is fearless, patient and pretty much minds its own business. But, overstep the boundaries and it lets you know real quick it’s not happy. Watching the skunk when its boundaries are challenged gives us a clue as to how to demand respect in our lives by walking our talk and enforcing our own boundaries. And doing so without being aggressive. […]


I Dreamed of Owl

I dreamed of owl last night. Wasn’t too surprising as the owls have come back to nest at one of the old adobes not far from us. But, since spirit is always speaking to us, I thought it might be a good idea to pay attention.

People receive messages from Spirit all the time. […]


Messages From Spirit

Over the years, working in the field of spirituality, metaphysics and transformative work, I have asked for and received many messages from what I call Spirit.

The energy field that we live in and receive messages from Spirit, is the same energy we are composed of and therefore it will also “feel” like […]