You Aren’t Alone

Sacred Stones

Sacred Stones

Have you even been in a situation where you’re surrounded by people and yet still feel alone? Or maybe you’re talking with a friend but you sense that they don’t really know who you are? And maybe, you feel disconnected to yourself….not sure of what you want or who you are anymore.

And probably the most important question of all: when was the last time you connected to the earth, the plants, trees, animals, the sun and the moon?

We live our lives in busyness. Running from one task to another and always behind. In my coaching work I hear more and more people complaining of stress and anxiety. And it isn’t just adults either. Kids and young adults are constantly pushing themselves to do more and do better.

All of this leads us to disconnecting to ourselves, our family, friends and the planet.


Wild Ginger

But…..did you know that you’re never alone?

We are all made of the same matter and energy as everything else in our world. We just vibrate at different rates creating a sense of separateness. If we were to “tune” in to the vibrations around us we’d realize that at any moment, we are one with all that surrounds us.

And we have connections to every animal, person, plant, tree……every form of life.

It just takes opening up to this connection by our willingness to bypass the critical logical mind and remembering who we are.


Ancestors in the stone

When you learn to remember, you’ll find your never alone. We have our Higher Self…..the part of us that is connected to Spirit. The Higher Self does it’s best to guide us, only to have us refuse to listen.

We have our ancestors, from this life and others. They often have a hand in many of our life decisions.

We have guides from the Elementals (the “rulers” of the element kingdoms), the Devas that give structure to the plant world, power animals to assist us whenever needed and beings from the “angelic” realm.

Stone Guardian

Stone guardian

All available to us when needed……if only we remember!

And, if we let down the blinders on our eyes to see the energy of others, we would be aware of how often we exchange energy and breathe each other’s breath.

We are never alone! There is a world of energy available to us every movement. If we just remember.

If you feel a calling to learn how to connect to these energies, join us in Sedona this April. Check it out at:

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How To Read Energy

auraOf all the things my clients and students seem to find the most fascinating is that of learning to see, hear and read energy. Most people know that we are energetic bodies with more space than solidity. Ancient Wisdom knew it and now quantum physics has proven it.


But to be able to see that energy or even feel it is something a lot of people want to do but don’t quite know how.

The first and most important aspect of energetic reading is to realize that we project our own assumptions, thoughts, emotions, feelings and judgements on others all the time. The same goes with the energy readings. In my workshops, students are not allowed to “decide” what a color or shape might mean. We’re only allowed to notice what is taking place with the energy.

In seeing and reading auras my entire life, it’s clear to me that there is no one way for everyone.

Take colors: we often think that if we see a red aura it means the person is angry. Not true. Sometimes yes but not always. Red color can indicate agitation, love, anger, eagerness, physical distress, anticipation….pretty much anything. To presume that you know what another is feeling or thinking while reading an aura is a dangerous game to play. And if you project your assumptions onto someone else, you’ll miss what’s really going on as well as run the risk of installing something within their mind.

The most common way to read an aura/energetic body is to notice the shape and what it’s doing. In N.L.P. we use the term calibration when paying attention to the minute differences in a person’s expression, voice tonality and even muscle tone. Paying attention and calibrating a person’s energetic body is one of the best ways to know something is going on with them. Again, we don’t assume to know what that is.

The best way to learn the differences in a person’s aura/energetic body is to pay attention to it over a period of time. You can make note of certain aspects of the aura while also asking them what they are experiencing.

For instance:

  • I’ve noticed with my daughter (who has Lupus) that when her aura gets all “spikey” she’s about to have a migraine headache. Or if it looks like someone threw buckets of different colors on her all at once, that her body is starting to have needle like pain.
    • I watched her over a period of time and began asking her what was happening before accepting that those particular expressions meant specific things.


  • One of the grossest things I’ve seen energetically is the dark slimy looking energy snaking across the floor from men who are on the make. Most women, even if they don’t see that energy know exactly what it feels like!
  • I once watched a woman’s aura get a brittle like texture and found out later she was blatantly lying.

Our auras do all kinds of things from changing colors and shapes to expanding and contracting. And we have seven “layers” of auras which can make things really interesting.

Having said all the warnings, there does seem to be some common expressions of the aura in people. Again, you need to pay attention and ask questions.


An aura that:

  • Looks flat and flowing downward can indicate sadness or depression.
  • Flares shooting out can show that the person is very agitated or mad.
  • “Hot or dark spots” can indicate disease or problems in those areas of the body.
  • Turns green when near another person often means they’re healers (even if they aren’t aware of it).
  • Babies often have soft flowing auras reaching out to the world.

So how do you go about seeing auras?

I firmly believe that we all see auras when we’re children. But the adults in our world talk us out of seeing them by telling us to stop making things up or that we’re being silly. Unfortunately, that tends to set us up for a belief that we can’t see them. And we carry that belief over into adulthood. To start seeing auras, if you have this belief, might be challenging but certainly doable.

Here’s an Exercise we use in our workshop:

Seeing the energy off the tips of your fingertips is pretty easy. We concentrate a lot of energy on these points.

  • You want to start in a room which isn’t too bright with light and a doorway facing a dark hall. Stand in the doorway with your back toward the room so that you’re facing the hall.
  • Take your hands and place them about 8 – 10 inches away from your face (so that you’re looking right at them.)
  • Strongly press the tips of each pointer finger together and while looking directly at your fingertips, move your hands slowly away from each other (about 6 inches apart).
  • You should see a whitish band between your fingertips. It almost looks like rubber bands.
  • Move your fingertips back to the original position touching and slowly move them apart again until you see the whitish, almost fog like energy between them.

lightIf at first you don’t see the energy try other places. Facing a dark wall works for some and for others a lighter wall. Remember to really press the tips of the fingers together and to slowly pull them apart…it should feel like pulling taffy apart. Take your time.

It can take several tries, although most get it in the first go round…..just keep it up.

Energy is all around us. Once you start seeing it, you’ll catch glimpses of it with animals, plants and most often with trees (the tops of trees are easiest). It takes practice but you can do it.

If you’d like to really learn more about the energetic body, seeing and manipulating energy and using it for your own healing, go to and join us for our Sedona workshop in February 2017.




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What Are You? Air, Earth, Fire or Water?

elementsOur bodies aren’t as separate from the external world as we might sometimes think. At our deepest level we are a part of the natural world, composed of the elements both physically and meta-physically, with each of the five elements within us.

In the Western world these are: Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Spirit. In the Eastern world they are: Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Metal. I’ll be talking about the Western mindset of elements.

Generally, one or two elements will be stronger than the others as we move through our day, week or cycle. Much of this depends on what’s happening in our lives at the time.

For instance, if we are taking care of a sick child we are accessing our nurturing element of water. If we’re angry and lashing out we’re activating the fire element within. Each element carries attributes, strengths and weaknesses.

We can also express a particular element more than others, which directly relates to the external world. Someone who “has” to live near a body of water may activate more of the water element than one who likes to live inland near a forest or mountain. If the “water person” moves to an inland location they may find themselves feeling “landlocked”. And one who likes the forest and mountains might feel off balance living far from the stability of a tree or mountain.

Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health rides on whether we can utilize all five elements in a balanced rhythmic dance. If we continually access one over the other we can actually get stuck in that element causing an imbalance that leads to illness, disease or lack of harmony in our lives.

Knowing what our predominant element is and which one(s) we’re using can be useful in understanding ourselves. We can also look to the elements to help us get out of stuck situations, sticky relationships and to deal with other issues in our lives.

Let’s look at each element and it’s properties.

Fire: Passion and inspiration, the male activating principle, expansion and desire. It is a cleansing element. Fire consumes other elements.

Fire people are natural born leaders and generally interesting to be around. They often become inspired and will get bored easily with routines. Due to their energy, they are the life of the party and people gravitate to them. But, they can run right over other people with their intensity and self-righteousness. Typically hot-tempered and impulsive…..quite literally the “fiery-tempered” personality.

waterWater: Emotions, it’s magnetic, the female principle, nurturing, coolness and contraction. It is our unconscious and intuition.

It’s all about the heart to a water person. They feel and empathize with you and are great at listening. Water people tend to be artistic and creative and many gravitate toward the mystical practices.   The emotions run high with a water person causing them to feel things greatly and cry easily. Unfortunately, the negative side of this can lead to depression.

earthEarth: The grounding principle, solid, stable, foundation of all the elements, fertile, The Great Mother.

Earth people need to feel grounded or “rooted” to wherever they live. Their home is important to them. Not usually a dreamer, the earth person takes it one step at a time, able to postpone gratification to get the goal. Patience is a strong quality. Most earth people will marry and stay in long committed relationships. Just like a mountain, earth people can be stubborn to the point of never moving forward.

ariAir: Thought, movement, communication, ideas, knowledge, and dreams.

The Air person has a gift for the gab. Excellent communicators as well as story-tellers. They like to think things through rather than feel them. Air people are individualists and freethinkers who can hold many thoughts at once. Too much air can cause an air person to become the intellectual who can’t share his thoughts with anyone, often lacking social graces.

Sunset Ceremony at HonaunauSpirit: Binding energy of the other four. Realm of potentiality, source of all energy, completely balanced.

Spirit is in all of us and everything and everywhere. It unites all things. It is that spark of life within us and our connection to the “greater something”. It is perfectly balanced energy of all the elements and cannot be defined.

To put it all together, take a look at the attributes of each element and notice what seems to look or resonate most with you. If you tend to be more emotional than analytical, you would associate with water. If you’re energetic and people seem to be drawn to you, you would associate with fire. If you find it important to spend a lot of time in nature and seem more at ease there, you’d probably pick earth. And if you like to really think things through and are often considered an idea person you would pick air.

Since we contain all the elements in ourselves and we are multidimensional beings, we usually run more than one element at a time. Identifying what your predominant element is and the other element(s) you’re running at any moment can help you in changing situations.

It’s then a matter of accessing the element, which would most assist in activating the change you desire.

How to utilize the elements to create change…….to be continued in the next post.….

If you’re really interested in the elements—both in the Macrocosm and Microcosm check out the upcoming training in February 2017. We’ll be spending time learning about the elements, the Elementals and teaching you to access and manipulate them at will.

Go to: to learn more.

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Death-Eater……….Black Vulture Totem

Even the name conjures up squeamishness in some people. For some, the vulture seems gross and others associate it with death. But, in ancient and indigenous cultures it’s just the opposite!

I too misunderstood the vulture until visiting a nature preserve and was surrounded by about 20 Black Vultures. At first I was nervous, thinking they might attack me. After all, they were feeding off a dead rabbit. But no, they must have been at the end of their meal because they were more curious than anything else. It allowed me the chance to study them closely.

They are actually quite beautiful with purple-black feathers and solid black heads. The demarcation line between the feathers and the black skin on the head is very distinct, giving them the illusion of wearing a hood. I think I must have looked just as odd to them as they lined the roof of a building and perched in the trees, cocking their heads down at me.
Even when I walked close to them, they just stared.

(I later learned that a vulture, when threatened, will spit up bits of digested or decayed food! Fortunately, I must not have been very threatening.)

The Greeks thought the vulture to be a descendant of the griffin, the guardian of the mysteries of life and death. In Egypt, it was a vulture feather that the goddess Maat used in the Book of the Dead to weigh against the heart of man (conscience).
They were also noted for the nurturing of their young, so much so that the Priestesses wore robes made of vulture feathers.

In most cultures, there is a relationship between death and the vulture…..hence my name of the Death-Eater. They were thought to be the ones who released the spirit of the dead and assisted in the guidance to Sprit….almost like a Psycho Pomp or in today’s world the hospice worker.

Black Vultures are pretty smart. Unlike the Turkey vulture, their sense of smell is diminished. They will fly higher than the Turkey vulture, watching them for dives to a carcass. Following the Turkey vulture, they will often push the Turkey vulture out of their way to feast on the remains.

It’s been observed that without the vulture, we would have dead animals lying EVERYWHERE and have to use more taxpayers money to clean up road kill. Since the vulture uses strong acids in their stomachs to kill bacteria and disease, they also keep our environment more sanitary.

So next time you see a Black Vulture, remember that they are nature’s “clean-up” crew and give thanks for their efforts!

For years in Florida, a man, Stan Gober, paid homage to the lowly buzzard with a song, dance and costume contest. You can view it on YouTube at:

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The Regal Heron

It’s very common for people who are interested in totems to search Goggle or go to different books and look up the meanings of them. And you learn some great information. But…..often times the meaning of the totem is one that is not necessarily a generalized one.

For instance, lately when I’ve been walking the dog along the marinas, I’ve seen more Herons than normal. Now I see Blue Herons all the time but these particular ones are fishing. And I see them catch the fish.

There is one who usually hides behind a small boat and at the opportune moment spears the fish. It’s interesting to watch him, as he is very focused. First, he stands perfectly still…never moves. Then, when he sees his prey, he very very carefully and slowly moves one leg and then other to get closer. And almost so fast you don’t see it, he spears the fish. What amazes me is how still, focused and patient he is while waiting.

A day or two after watching that Blue Heron, I was writing at my desk when I heard a ruckus outside….sounded like dinosaurs fighting! (At least what I imagined they would have sounded like) There was a Blue Heron with a fish and 3 gulls trying to get it from him. He was not about to let them and even with the fish between his bills, managed to make a lot of noise about it. Before living at the beach, I had no idea at just how noisy Herons can be and what bullies gulls are at times!

Blue Heron Medicine typically means the ability to be a Renaissance man or woman. They follow their own path, which is unstructured. Not everyone is comfortable living this way as they perceive it as being without stability or security and yet it actually has it’s own security. Heron Medicine indicates that if one approach isn’t working then try another.

As I carry much Heron Medicine, I was familiar with all these attributes. This seemed different though. Maybe because they were getting my attention….even to the point that one of them was screeching at me to notice him.

So what does it mean?

When trying to analyze the meaning of a totem or message from the universe, one trick is to notice what specifically captured your attention.

Two things stand out in the experience for me. The first Heron showed massive patience, focus and goal orientation. That’s a pretty good lesson. Regardless of how much we vibrate to a specific feeling or desire we must put in the physical work and focus on our desire.

The second Heron’s “work or reward” was jeopardized by the gulls. This to me was a clear message that is common to the witnessing of smaller birds attacking a larger bird. To many aboriginals, this is a sign that someone is or may make an attempt to jeopardize or basically “make small” of something you’re doing.

Both of these messages made perfect sense to me. I am in the process of refocusing my business on a path that I’ve wanted to travel for years. For years I have longed to create a full-on Mystery School that blended the ancient wisdom with the modern magic.  I just recently set up the first of the certification workshops for this goal.

Before, I did not feel it was the right time. And I know that some people may not see the beauty or the “Spirit” drive behind it.

To me, Blue Heron was signaling me to keep my focus……to be patient….and to follow Spirit about the project.

If you’re interested in learning more about the ancient healing wisdom for self and others, check out:

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Journey of the Healer™

From time to time, I plan on posting pieces of interest about the upcoming workshop, Journey of the Spirit Healer™, taking place in Sedona. These will be about experiences, people, techniques and places we’ll visit. Hope you enjoy them and get the feel of the magical land of: Sedona

For many, even the name Sedona conjures up mystical concepts and ideas. The entire area is called a power spot or energy grid. Many myths and legends abound as well as arguments over the scientific basis for any of it.

A few years ago, I traveled from Phoenix to Sedona to recharge myself and get some much needed meditation time after presenting a weeklong training. Visiting the vortices was top priority.

As I climbed the path leading to the upper reaches of Boynton Canyon I began to feel the energy of this most sacred vortex.

According to legend, Boynton Canyon is the sacred home of the Yavapai “Great Mother”, their creative force. Even today, the Native Americans make annual pilgrimages to this area to perform sacred ceremonies.

I have often wondered if Kachina Woman, who guards the entrance to the canyon, is the earthly homage to the Great Mother. It seems fitting, as certain times of the year when the moon is full; it will rise and appear to sit in the basket on her head.

Reaching a ledge where I could sit comfortably and meditate, I leaned back and allowed the energy of the vortex to swirl around me. As I watched the valley below, energy lines began to appear and then gradually the entire valley changed. I heard the sound of drums and saw a line of people entering the canyon. Not people of today….but another time. The entire valley shimmered in luminous light with arcing bolts shooting to the sky.

A dream? A hallucination? I don’t think so. Many times I’ve witnessed what I refer to as the  “matrix” of energy (taken from the movie The Matrix). And seeing this at the vortices of Sedona is not unusual.

During the Journey of the Healer™ workshop in Sedona this October, we work on the journey traveler learning how to awaken their own natural ability to see, to sense and to feel different energies. Most, by the end of the week, can see the auras of people, plants and animals. And many….to see the incredible colors of the luminous energy field of living things. Some will even begin to see the “field” or the “matrix” as well.

Sedona is a land of mystery and magic. The energy of the vortices….then remnants of ancient ceremonies and rituals….all lend themselves to the immersion in the teachings and techniques of the ancient healers and shaman.

If the energy of the ancient teachings and Sedona calls to you, go to:

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The Blessings of Reiki

Pets do more than just love us.

Having been around animals all my life, I can understand why more and more people are becoming pet owners. We love our pets! We spend thousands of dollars on their food, upkeep, toys, health and for some, clothes.

And with good reason. Pets provide a myriad of benefits for us. Probably the most quoted reason that we love them is their unconditional love of us. No matter how grumpy we get or messy we look, our pets still love us. And they are so forgiving if we’re late to feed them or make them wait to go out.

They provide other benefits to us as well. Studies have shown that pets:

  • Will help us uplift our mood. Several studies with men who have AIDS showed they were more apt to become depressed if they didn’t own a pet than those who did.
  • Can keep us calmer. Having a pet helps to control blood pressure better than prescribed drugs
  • Help us to get more exercise: Dog owners walk more than those who don’t have one.
  • Are date and friend magnets: Dogs are particularly good at helping us meet people, especially if the dog is cute.
  • Keep us from feeling lonely. When nursing home residents are visited by dogs they report less feeling of loneliness and seperation.
  • Lower the likelihood of developing allergies. When a child grows up with a pet, they are less likely to develop allergies while developing stronger immune systems.
  • Help manage pain. Loyola University used pet therapy for recovering surgery patients and discovered they may need less pain medication than those without.

With all the wonderful benefits to having a pet, it’s no wonder we love and treat them as members of our families.

Unfortunately though, things can happen. Pets can become ill just like us. When this happens, it often makes us feel particularly helpless. After all, like a baby, the pet cannot verbalize where it hurts or how bad they feel. It’s an awful feeling when you don’t know what to do. Even after going to vet, it can still be so frustrating.

Years ago, we had a cat that had been with us since my daughter was about 2. The cat was one of the most lovable animals I’ve ever had. I always said that she and my daughter grew up together.

One day though, when she was about 10, she was diagnosed with liver cancer. The vet had us take her to a special radiation clinic where she underwent a series of treatments. It was heartbreaking to have to put her through this but there just wasn’t another option short of putting her down.

And she got better. For about a year she was fine and then it came back.

One day, I found her hiding behind the toilet in the downstairs bathroom. By that time, I knew the cancer had returned and we were debating what to do. But here she was, mewing and hiding out and I dearly loved this cat. I had to do something.

So…..I sat down on the floor and pulled her into my lap. I had taken a course in Reiki years before but never used it until that day. I spent about 2 ½ hours in that bathroom with her, running the Reiki energy.

At some point I just had a feeling it was done. There’s no other way to describe it….I knew it was done.

As the days went by, she began to have more energy. She began eating again and even playing with her sister. After about a month, there were no signs of anything. She was a healthy energetic playful cat again!

She lived to be 21 yrs. old and was never sick again.

Did Reiki heal her? I don’t know. All I know is she was sick and then she wasn’t.

I’ve used Reiki on other animals since then and had great results. I’ve also used it with people and they have reported pain relief, feelings of calmness and reported feeling stronger. And I’ve had Reiki done on myself. It has cleared up headaches, aches and pains and fatigue.

We are all just energy. It makes sense that energy work can be used with other methods of healing. And for some, like our cat, maybe it’s what’s really needed.

If you’re interested in learning more, go to:

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The Fragrant Skunk

A while back I wrote of the misunderstood totem the Snake. There’s another one that is often misaligned and yet has much to teach us. And that’s the Skunk!

Who hasn’t recognized that pungent odor when something has gotten this critter riled up? Did you know that man can recognize the smell of a skunk for up to two miles depending on the wind? This is one strong totem showing up in our lives.

Most of us will go out of way to avoid having any contact with a skunk. The animal doesn’t even have to do anything….we will just give it a wide berth. And this is what skunk has to teach us.

The skunk demands respect by its very nature. It is fearless, patient and pretty much minds its own business. But, overstep the boundaries and it lets you know real quick it’s not happy.

Watching the skunk when its boundaries are challenged gives us a clue as to how to demand respect in our lives by walking our talk and enforcing our own boundaries. And doing so without being aggressive.

A skunk will warn you before it sprays. It will stamp its feet, then turn and raise the tail. If you haven’t moved fast enough by the time it looks back over its shoulder, it’s too late.

By stamping its feet and raising the tail, the skunk is making its boundaries known to you. It is in essence saying you’ve encroached on its territory and you need to back off.

Many people I work with have issues in being treated with respect. I often encourage them to let others know of their feelings and how they expect to be treated. My mother used to say: “we teach others how to treat us”. And she was right.

If we want to be treated with respect then we must respect our boundaries and ourselves. We don’t have to be aggressive about it. We just have to enforce it with consequences.

And that’s the next thing the skunk does. It looks back, aims and sprays. If we have presented our expectations then we must follow through on enforcing the boundaries. This is a part of demanding respect.

If you don’t enforce your boundaries and follow through, you let others know that you have no respect for yourself and will give in. This is like the kid in the checkout
screaming until he gets what he wants. He knows that if he persists, mom or dad will give in.

Skunk has shown up every day in the past week. I didn’t get it at first. Where was I not respecting myself or not enforcing boundaries. Then I realized I had made an agreement with myself regarding payment for my services and had reverted to a previous pattern.

This has been something I have worked on many times in the past. I thought I had overcome it but apparently not enough! Now I must be like skunk. I need to reaffirm my boundaries and then enforce. Gently and politely but still hold to them.

So maybe skunk isn’t quite so bad after all. It could be a lesson for all of us to walk our talk and to treat others as well as ourselves with respect.

If you’re a woman and find yourself not enforcing boundaries, you might want to check out my Empowerment Made Manifest™ Workshop:

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Snake Totem

The snake has got to be one of the most misunderstood and feared animals. Many who realize they have a snake totem wish they could exchange it for something more appealing.

Snake has had a bad rep since the Garden of Eden. Supposedly Satan, in the form of a snake beguiled Eve into eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Lots of theories on this one!

It’s even been suggested that our fear of snakes is in our human DNA.

But, in many cultures, the snake is seen as a symbol of transformation, death and rebirth and healing. We see the healing symbology today in the caduceus symbol of medicine and doctors.

The snake is also associated with sexuality, the kundalini and the tantric arts. And in the shamanic societies, it’s believed the snake can move between the realities of the living and the dead.

Years ago I worked with an exotic animal trainer and we worked with the big snakes. At first, like most people, I wasn’t too sure about the snakes until I had worked with them awhile. Later on in my life I did the shamanic dancing with boas. These snakes will invariably end up with their head at the throat chakra or the heart!  

To have a snake totem show up in your life usually implies change is coming. That change might be healing or a shift in your career, love life or home. As snake move quickly, so will the change take place.

It can also be a message to get more creative. To shed the old and make way for the new.

I just recently heard an amazing story about a boa constrictor that is a “pet” of some friends of mine. They’ve had this snake a long time and it’s very attached to the family. It’s kept in a large aquarium and gets to go in the bathtub frequently.

Recently, the snake began to appear sick. Taking it to the vet, he asked the couple had “she”…..the snake been around any male snakes. They were very surprised to hear the word “she” as they had been told the snake was a male.

But no, the snake stayed in their house and had never been around another snake. The vet then asked if they talked to the snake? Yes, the woman said she talked to all their animals, telling them of their dreams and goals and how they wanted their life to be.

Next the vet asked if she was trying to have a baby? Sure enough, the couple wanted to have a child.

He then explained that the snake had developed eggs to help her with having a baby!

Is this not amazing? To be so connected and loved by this creature that it would, on its own, manifest eggs to assist you in having a child?

Are snakes evil? I don’t think so. This was an act of pure love!

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Cleansing the Soul

When I was growing up, every spring my mom as well as all the other women in the neighborhood would go thru the yearly ritual of “spring cleaning”. Of course as kids, we hated it because it meant we were going to be put to work for a weekend with no time off for fun.

Few people realize that the annual cleaning ritual dates back to ancient spring time rites. In many cultures, the New Year happened on the first day of spring. Even today, Iranians practice “shaking the house” before celebrating the New Year. And Jewish Passover suggests cleaning prior to the celebration. Other cultures clean the house before Lent or April 1st.

On a more practical basis, after the cold winter months with our houses being closed up creating stagnant air, it’s a “breath of fresh air” to spring clean. My grandmother used to call it “cleaning out the cobwebs”.

There is another reason we need to spring clean which is often overlooked. We are energetic bodies constantly expressing energy into the field. You might say we leave etheric footprints wherever we go. Some of these footprints are emotions and thoughts. Which would be alright if they were always positive thoughts and emotions.

You’ve probably felt this before. Remember when you walked into a room after someone had been arguing? You can still feel the energy. Or walk into a house where someone is in mourning; you can definitely feel the sadness.

We also feel the built up energy in places; from other people like prior owners of houses or offices. If they experienced a divorce or death or even a business failure, we will be energetically affected by it.

We are most affected by our own residual buildup of negative etheric footprints. These footprints can affect us physically as well as mentally. You might be tired most of the time or feel like your mind is cloudy. It’s as if you have cobwebs in the brain.

In the Hawaiian system of Huna, the belief is that energy is sticky. When we are in contact with others or a place, we send out tendrils of our aura called aka connections and these “stick” to the person or place. Imagine all the aka connections you receive in a week from the numerous people you come in contact with! It’s no wonder we can get tired from being around other people.

So what do we do? 

1. Clean up the clutter. Wherever there is clutter there is stuck energy.

2. Clean the area or house. I mean really clean it. If you’re doing your house, make sure you clean the windows, move the furniture and vacuum underneath. Even clean the baseboards. As you clean, hold the intention that you are clearing out all the negative energy and getting everything flowing again.

3. If you really want to clear out the energy, also straighten up your cupboards, closets and cabinets.

4. Open everything up to light and air….let in fresh energy.

5. When all is clean, you can do a ritual to “clear” the space. This is setting an intention for the type of energy you want to be present. This intention might be to have a loving positive energy to be present at all times.

You will need:

  • Sage or incense to burn
  • A bell or gong
  • The intention you would like, clearly in your mind.

Find a comfortable place to sit, relax and allow your mind to become calm. Think of the intention you wish for your space. Breathe deeply for several minutes until you feel yourself relax.

Once you’re in a calm, peaceful meditative state, take the sage or incense, light it and begin going around the perimeter of your home repeating to yourself the kind of energy you want present.

Next, take the bell and repeat

Then go back to where you were sitting, return to the meditative state and begin to imagine scenes in which the energy you set forth is manifesting.

You can do this for the whole house or a single room although I would suggest doing the house. And you can set the intention for anything. If you’re looking to manifest a partner, set that intention.  Or if you find your family bickering a lot, you can set an intention for peace within your home.

You may be surprised at the positive effects of spring cleaning. Often we can shift the energy in our lives just by shifting the energy in our external world!

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